Student Conduct & Resolution Resources

Student Behavior

It is important to note that most behavioral concerns in the classroom can be handled by you, the faculty member, at the time of disruption; however some may require further action. When a student’s behavior directly interferes with the ability of you to teach or the ability of other students to benefit from the classroom experience, it is appropriate for an instructor to initiate disciplinary action. Involvement by the Department of Public Safety results in the report of the matter being forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct and Resolution. When Public Safety officers have not been involved, you can write and submit an incident report.

When disruptive behavior is reported to Office of Student Conduct and Resolution, the instructor reporting the behavior will be contacted concerning any areas of clarification and the desired outcome. Remedies provided through the office may include disciplinary probation, a referral to the Counseling Center or other educational interventions, or, in more severe cases, removal from the class (a student may not be removed from class permanently without a student conduct review).

Referring Students

There is value in referring students to the Office of Student Conduct & Resolution (OSCAR), including for matters of academic dishonesty:

  1. OSCAR informs the student of the misconduct (as referred by the faculty member).
  2. OSCAR provides an opportunity for the student to respond to the misconduct claim and present information as to the situation.
  3. OSCAR allows for a determination of responsibility by an impartial hearing officer or committee.
  4. OSCAR provides for an outcome or sanction intended to correct the misconduct and ensure responsibility.
  5. OSCAR is the University’s centralize system for tracking academic misconduct and preventing recidivism (as faculty in one department may not know that a student is behaving poorly in another department).

The Office of Student Conduct & Resolution cannot and will not provide an academic outcome for academic misconduct.


Office of Student Conduct and Resolution provides consultation concerning preventing and addressing disruptive and inappropriate behavior. Instructors may contact the office at 218.477.2174 with any questions or requests concerning student behavioral issues.