Student Conduct & Resolution

The mission of the Student Conduct and Resolution is to maintain a University environment that is conducive to the academic success of all students, to protect the rights of all members of the University community, and to provide a disciplinary process in which participants experience personal growth and appreciation for the responsibilities of living in a community.

Misconduct, or behaviors in conflict with university policies, will be addressed on a case-by-case basis given the situation, the seriousness of the behavior and any documented prior record.


Minnesota State University Moorhead is an educational institution and not a court of law. Therefore, the concept of fair play will take precedence in all settings and the philosophy of discipline will be one of an educational approach. It is hoped that disciplinary concerns are settled using the following goals:

  1. Assist the student in confronting the value questions surrounding the behavior
  2. Assist the student to understand the causes of the behavior
  3. Encourage the student in understanding the importance of taking responsibility and recognizing the consequences for their actions
  4. Learn from the incident so they may make better decisions in the future