Creating an MSUM Social Media Account

Before you create a profile representing MSUM on social media, it’s important to evaluate if doing so is the best way to reach your audience, and if you have the capacity and know-how to maintain the account. Look through the dos and don’ts below. When you’re ready, contact the Marketing Team who can help you with next steps!


  • Identify your audience. Who are you trying to reach? What social media platform is that audience most likely to be on? What kind of content will you be sharing to reach that audience?
  • Develop a content plan. What kind of content will you be posting? Your main messages and supporting imagery will determine what platform is best to reach your intended audience. Before creating an account, having a solid content plan in place will make maintaining your social media profile much easier to maintain.
  • Consider if you have time and experience needed to maintain the account. If you don’t have someone on staff who is familiar with the platform and dedicated to publishing high-quality, relevant content on a frequent basis, ask yourself if the social media platform is the best way to share your message. Determine how much time you will dedicate toward publishing content and engaging with your audience on social media each week. Ensure that you set aside a minimum of 3-5 hours per week for this work.
  • Follow MSUM brand guidelines. You can find MSUM’s brand guidelines on the Brand Standards webpage. The MSUM logo should be used as your avatar (profile image). If you need an image for the account header, contact the Marketing Team.


  • Create an account just because. When used purposefully, social media is a powerful tool to share your messages with your most important audiences. When accounts are created on the fly or because the platform is trending, content can fall flat. It’s important to be familiar with the platform prior to creating an MSUM-branded account there.
  • Expect everyone to find your account right away. Growing followers takes time, and that’s OK! Once you’ve established the account and populated it with some relevant content:
    • Share links to the account and its content on your personal and professional pages.
    • Engage with content relevant to your area and/or MSUM so others will see you.
    • Include links to your account in your and your department’s MSUM Directory listings.

Before You Begin

  • Contact the Marketing Team. Submit the social media account request form to let us know you’re ready to create your MSUM-branded social media account. We’ll get in contact to walk through any questions or concerns you might have and provide advice for you as you get started.