Event Marketing

Public Event Marketing (External)

The Marketing & Communications team is available to assist faculty and staff with the promotion of university events for prospective students, alumni and the general public.

Faculty/Staff Event Marketing Form

Please provide this information at least 30 days prior to your event.

Marketing Student Events (Internal)

Student organizations are encouraged to promote their student events using this list of best practices and marketing resources.

  1. Create a Communication Plan
    • Gain clarity about the audience, expected attendance, goals and budget.
    • Develop key messages.
    • Identify communication channels, marketing tactics and timeline for promotion (at least 6 weeks).
  2. Gather and create content
  3. Add your event on Dragon Central and other community event calendars
    • Make sure the day, date, time and location are all included and accurate.
  4. Submit your item to Employee and/or Student News
    • Be sure to read the submission guidelines and complete all required fields.
  5. Submit a design for the on-campus digital monitors
  6. Share on social media
    • Consider standard posts, Facebook or LinkedIn Events, Stories, Reels, etc.
    • Be sure to include a visual.
    • Use tags and hashtags strategically
      • Tag @MSUMoorhead in Instagram or Facebook Stories. The Marketing Team may share your post on the main MSUM channels.
  7. Consider a paid social media ad campaign
    • Determine your audience, goals and budget.
    • Boosting Facebook events can be a cost-effective tactic.
  8. Create signage and printed items
    • Posters for bulletin boards.
    • Consider yard signs or sandwich boards.
    • Partner with Housing to distribute mailbox stuffers.
    • Table tents
  9. Connect directly with potential attendees
    • If you are a member of a student organization, you can set up a table in the Union or other high-traffic areas by requesting a room or space through the EMS WebApp using your StarID and password.
    • Offer personal invites to people.
    • Text, email, Teams messages.
    • Encourage people you know with large social followings to help spread the word.
    • Create/purchase tangibles (refer to the list of approved vendors).
    • Create a cool, interactive campus installation.
  10. Gamify attendance by holding contests or giveaways
    • Free food always draws a crowd.