8 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots on Campus

MSU Moorhead’s campus may be small in comparison to some other college campuses, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty.

Document your college visit or student experience by visiting the most Instagram-worthy spots on campus. Take a photo while you're here? Tag @msumoorhead for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!


More than a place to sit and study, relax on a sunny day, or meet up with a friend for Caribou Coffee, the Sown sculpture in the center of MSUM’s campus mall is a popular photo location for students and community members alike.

Fire-breathing Dragon

Some schools have proud marble sculptures of historical campus figures. Others commemorate their mascots with fire-breathing statues. MSUM’s two-headed Dragon statue located between the Center for the Arts and Library breathes fire during special events and is a must-stop selfie location for anyone visiting campus.

Hummingbird & Pollinator Garden

On the south side of campus, you’ll find a giant hummingbird statue created and installed by MSUM art professor Chris Walla and his students. The piece is complemented by a pollinator garden at its base that’s maintained by students in MSUM’s biosciences, ecology and sustainability programs. This colorful collaboration is a worthy backdrop for your next Instagram post.

MacLean Hall Steps

There’s something about the steps of MacLean Hall that draw the eye. Whether you’re on campus at dawn, dusk or anytime between, the building’s marble steps are a beautiful location to stop and snap a photo.

Campus Gates

One of campus’ most iconic elements, the campus gates are symbolic for our students. Entering and exiting the gates at the start and culmination of your student experiences symbolizes the transformation undergone during your years at MSUM. If you’re not all about symbolism, the gates still provide a pretty location to take a pic.

MSUM Letters

Share your Dragon pride with all of your followers by posing next to our six-foot letters spelling out the name of the hottest school in the Fargo-Moorhead area. The "MSUM" letters live in the MacLean courtyard most of the year, but you'll find them around campus during special events, like Commencement and Homecoming.

Weld Hall

MSUM’s oldest—and spookiest—building on campus is Weld Hall. The said-to-be-haunted building has an old-timey feel that makes it a fun photo location. It’s particularly popular among students in the humanities.


Future Dragons love capturing memories of their campus visits at the MSUM sign, located on the corner of 11th St S and 6th Ave S. It’s stately and forthright. What’s not to love?

What favorite photo locations did we miss? Tag @msumoorhead on Instagram and show us!

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