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Listen and Learn: How One Man Serves Area Women

Minnesota State University Moorhead alum Chris Johnson proudly serves area women as leader of The Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead.

"House Hunters" features MSUM international student alum Poonam Budhiraja with fellow Dragons

"House Hunters" featured MSUM alumni Poonam Budhiraja (2012, Broadcast Journalism and Film Studies), Jerry Griggs (2016, Business Administration and Management) and Alexa Dixson-Griggs (2015, Social Work) as Budhiraja showed the local couple houses to fit their growing family.

The NCCWSL Conference: Empowering Student Leaders

Thanks to a collaboration between the Women’s Center and the College of Business, Analytics and Communication, five MSUM students had the opportunity to attend their National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) virtually earlier this spring.

Dinosaur No More

I once considered myself, and gloriously upheld the title, a self-proclaimed “dinosaur” of online instruction. I am a Professor of Social Work. I teach practice classes. I held firm in the belief that there was no need to use MSUM’s online teaching platform.

The Weight of War

Women share stories of contradictory roles during the Vietnam War.

Extraordinary Service

MSUM alumni serve where they’re called—across the globe and in their own backyards.

Students of the Sphere

At MSUM, diversity is active and alert. For professors, addressing diversity head on is part of their job, and for students, discovering it begins in the classroom.

Uniting Progress and Tradition

The White Earth Indian reservation's rural location and lack of economic forces make it difficult to attract, and keep, health professionals. But MSUM alumnae are helping to make this a better community.

Social (wood)Worker

Ever since Kelsi O’Keefe ’06 (social work) was young she knew she wanted to be in field that allowed her to help others. After graduating from MSUM, she felt she had found the perfect profession in social work.