Professional, personal growth motivate MSUM's first Master of Social Work cohort

This semester, 16 students began their Master of Social Work journey at MSUM. These students are the first to level up their social work careers with MSUM’s new MSW program.

“I’m excited that our community is offered this program since the need of mental health professionals is so high,” one student shared. “I loved obtaining my undergraduate degree at MSUM, and it feels like it has come full circle by having the ability to obtain my master’s through the same university and with some of the same professors.”

The first cohort includes recent college graduates as well as students who are returning to the classroom more than a decade after earning a bachelor’s degree. Many are the first in their family to pursue a graduate degree.

Most of the students in the program are already working in professions that help others. Their job titles include school social worker, direct support professional, domestic violence and sexual assault advocate, and adoption and pregnancy social worker.

“I’m so excited to further my education on a topic that means so much to me, and to have that directly open more opportunities in my future of working with clients! It feels very empowering,” one student says.

Obtaining a Master of Social Work degree will allow the students to advance in their licensure, increase their earning potential, expand their skillsets, and even teach the next generation of social workers.

The students say they are excited to gain more experience and learn and network with their peers.

“Each article or pages are a gift and opportunity to expand my vision of practicing social work,” one student says. “I enjoy learning from my cohort and hearing their unique ways that they support the ones they serve.”

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