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Talk of economic recession, labor shortages, supply chain issues and inflation is challenging for everyone, with uncertainty influencing thoughts about what the future may bring. Yet, uncertainty about the future or job security can reveal opportunities for change, such as updating one’s skillsets, adding new expertise, or pivoting to a new career altogether.

MSUM administrators, faculty and staff excel at turning uncertainty into possibility. We work intentionally with business and community leaders to anticipate future needs and meet increased demand.

MSUM is offering three new master’s degree programs in 2023 to meet workforce needs and student demand. Our latest offerings include a Master of Arts (MA) in Criminal Justice, a Master of Social Work (MSW), and a 3+2 Master of Science (MS) in Athletic Training.

The MS in Athletic Training is a unique degree, offering students an opportunity to obtain an Exercise Science undergraduate degree and a master's degree in five years. The program prepares healthcare professionals to prevent, manage, and rehabilitate injuries that occur during athletic and physical activity endeavors. Athletic trainers may work in public and private secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional and Olympic sports, sports medicine clinics, and other emerging settings.

The MA in Criminal Justice prepares professionals from various educational backgrounds to obtain positions in areas such as forensic psychology, criminal profiling, criminology, and emergency management response and direction - to name just a few.

The MSW prepares professionals for advanced practice in human services and offers two specializations—multicultural clinical and social development & leadership. Graduates can work in clinical mental health settings, child and family services, geriatrics, and substance abuse treatment.

The range of service areas MSUM provides is broadening in response to the community’s needs. We are listening and we are responding to what the community tells us is needed to meet the evolving priorities of people and industry throughout the region. MSUM is proud to offer these new programs along with many current graduate options.

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