Spring 2023 brings large influx of new international students to MSUM

MOORHEAD – Minnesota State University Moorhead welcomed 37 international students to campus this semester, the largest spring class of new international students in more than four years.

“The university and local community receive a huge advantage from international students, who enrich our campus and make our community more vibrant,” said Fumi Cheever, Global Engagement Director for MSUM’s Center for Global Engagement.

In recent years, 20 or fewer new international students have enrolled at MSUM in the spring semester. This semester’s increase can be traced to efforts by the Center for Global Engagement to bolster international enrollment now that many COVID-19 restrictions have eased.

“International students are ready to explore beyond their country, especially after COVID,” said Dr. Robert Nava, MSUM’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies. “Federal and state laws are also allowing international students to earn their education in the US.”

The new students represent 13 countries, with multiple students arriving from Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Korea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. Popular majors include nursing, computer science, biology and biochemistry and biotechnology.

There is great potential to grow the international student population at MSUM. Increased efforts resulted in 1,000 international students being admitted to the university this fall, though only a fraction could secure the necessary visas in time.

Considering the billions of dollars in goods exported from Minnesota and North Dakota each year, Nava points out that bringing more international students to MSUM can build pathways to other countries that benefit the region.

“As a public regional university, our mission is to serve our area,” Nava said. “Attracting international students is one way to bring a labor force that opens the doors of local business, industry and organizations to the rest of the world for better economic prosperity in this region.”

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