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MSUM Professor’s Powwow Participation Comes Full-Circle

During the 32nd Woodland and High Plains Powwow at MSUM in April – faculty member Caitlin Johnson, Ph.D., plans to jingle dress dance for the first time in 15 years.

Spring 2023 brings large influx of new international students to MSUM

This spring, MSUM welcomed 37 international students to campus. It's the largest international spring enrollment class in the last four years and MSUM could not be happier to welcome them to campus.

Internships setting international students up for success

Internships have been pivotal for international students like Emmanuel Kumi and Suman Koirala, setting them ahead in their careers. 

A SMART Start to College Life

For Chloe Flynn, making valuable connections in MSUM’s SMART Start program helped ease the transition from high school to college.

The Dragon Pantry is open to students in need

Starting college can be an enormous financial burden for many students. While they are getting an education they value, making ends meet can be a struggle, especially for those living independently for the first time. MSUM is assisting students with this burden by establishing the Dragon Pantry.

"Yes" to a New Moorhead Library and Community Center

On November 8, City of Moorhead voters will consider a ballot initiative to build a new Moorhead community center and regional library, funded by a 0.5% local option sales tax. As a 12-year Moorhead resident and proud president of Minnesota State University Moorhead, President Anne Blackhurst strongly endorses this initiative.

Expectation to exploration: being a first generation student

Before Angel Fuentes knew what she wanted to study, or even whether college was the right path for her, she felt the pressure of being a first-generation college student.

Serving those who have served our country

MSUM has recently been awarded a Federal grant that will allow us to take our commitment to veterans to the next level.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Frank King

Meet Frank King, MSUM’s new associate provost for diversity, equity, and inclusion. He works with faculty to incorporate DEI into curriculum across the university.  

Kay Beckermann and innovation in the Advertising & Public Relations industry

Kay Beckermann, an assistant professor in the School of Communication & Journalism at MSUM, recently reinvigorated the student-run agency MSUM Flypaper Creative Services in August of 2021.

A home away from home

Moyinoluwa (Mo) Abiola ‘17, a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs, knows the importance of connecting with the people around her in a place she loves. 

Event production partnership elevates EIT program, creates new opportunities for students

Show Imaging brings industry insights, advises on curricula and technology and offers internships for students.