Pulsar: Combining Science and Art

2022 marks the MSUM Planetarium's 50th anniversary. After a half century of inspiring a curiosity in what exists beyond our sky, the people behind the Planetarium honor its significant milestone by sharing the historical orbit of this community asset. You can help ensure the continued success of the planetarium by donating today.

For Abigail Bormann, working at the MSUM planetarium was a way to lift up her love for both science and the humanities.

The 2022 graduate earned her degree in chemistry. During her time at MSUM. she started working at the planetarium as an honors apprentice. Bormann says the novelty of the facility drew her in.

“It sounded cool and interesting,” she says.

During her time there, she presented and developed several shows. That work included creating a show based on Gustav Holst’s seven-movement orchestral suite, “The Planets.” Bormann embraced her role, researching and discussing planetary history and mythology to accompany the music.

As part of the production, she used her skills as a violinist and incorporated live music into the show.

“Doing this allowed me to blend science and humanities, which is one of my favorite things to do,” she says.

The production was well-received by the public. In addition, Bormann presented on her work at regional and national science conferences.

Working at the planetarium helped Bormann grow confidence in public speaking and sharing her ideas with other people. She now works in the quality control lab at Swanson Health Products in Fargo.

“Planetariums can serve as a venue for both science and humanities outreach,” she says. “It’s a great tool for the wider community.”

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