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MSUM student-athletes earn national honor

MSUM has recently been named the 2023 recipient of the NCAA Division II Award of Excellence.

MSUM earns prestigious accreditation

President Anne celebrates the College of Education and Human Services national accreditation by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This recognition demonstrates that MSUM meets rigorous standards for educator preparation, preparing the next generation of educators to succeed in a diverse range of classrooms.

2022 Award-Winning MSUM Teaching Alumni

MSUM teaching alumni have a habit of winning awards, and 2022 was no different. Before the calendar switches over, we want to recognize the outstanding work our alumni are doing in their communities.

Expectation to exploration: being a first generation student

Before Angel Fuentes knew what she wanted to study, or even whether college was the right path for her, she felt the pressure of being a first-generation college student.

Skyward eyes find common ground through the planetarium

As the MSUM Planetarium celebrates its 50th anniversary, it reflects on the many students, faculty and staff who have helped shape its success over the past half century. 

MSUM Planetarium sparked big dreams for creative astronomer, filmmaker

Mary Dodge came to MSUM expecting to study English, then took an astronomy class that led to a lifelong career in planetariums and film-making.

Exploring the Universe and Beyond

For the past 50 years, the MSUM Planetarium has been a place for inspiration and exploration. The planetarium’s director, Sara Schultz, expects it will play that role for another 50 years.

Pulsar: Combining Science and Art

For Abigail Bormann, working at the MSUM planetarium was a way to lift up her love for both science and the humanities.

The 2022 graduate earned her degree in chemistry. During her time at MSUM. she started working at the planetarium as an honors apprentice.

Falling in love with the stars: Robin Ladd

Robin Ladd grew up in rural North Dakota, where the stars in the night sky were easily viewed. But it was the stories about the constellations that attracted the 1982 MSUM graduate to her first astronomy class. This eventually led to her working at the MSUM planetarium.

When Force is a Precondition of Police-Citizen Encounters

MSUM names sociology and criminal justice professor, Joel Powell Dahlquist, the 2022-2023 Roland & Beth Dille Distinguished Faculty Lecturer for his work on identifying critical junctures at which police officers can de-escalate situations. 

Randall Flick receives Distinguished Alumni Award

Randall Flick learned two things in nursing school: he didn't want to be a nurse and he loved medicine. Now, as the medical director of Mayo Clinic Children's Center, he serves on the committee that oversees all of Mayo’s pediatric activity across the Midwest. Flick is the recipient of a 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Craig Weiss receives Distinguished Alumni Award

Craig Weiss, as a recipient of a 2022 MSUM Distinguished Alumni Award, honed his leadership and entrepreneurial skills with nearly 35 years in the banking industry.