The Woodman Lodge (S889)


Historical Sketch

The Woodman Lodge, which was located in Hitterdal, Minnesota, was part of a larger organization, The Modern Woodmen of America of Rockford, Illinois. The Lodge was started on May 20, 1920 and was known as Camp 1542. Membership was open to anyone having at least 7/8th’s white blood, was over 16 years of age and was not employed in a dangerous occupation (smoke stack painter, railroad switch breaker, mine worker, etc.). Membership was also not given to anyone involved in the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol. The group met every first and third Saturday of the month. The lodge offered an insurance plan for its members as well. The clerk of the lodge was M. J. Solum of Hitterdal. 

Collection Description

The Woodmen Lodge records include the organizations by-laws, ritual and songs, death notices and transfer records, membership lists, miscellaneous Woodmen Lodge forms, and application for membership cards. Records are arranged in chronological order. 


Box 1

  • Applications for Membership. 1925-26
  • Correspondence and Notice of Reinstatement
  • Forms
  • Notice of Death and Transfers. 1908, 1923, 1927
  • Volume 1 - Register Membership. 1905-07
  • Volume 2 - Laughs published by Horace Hurson
  • Volume 3 - Modern Woodmen of America By-Laws. 1908
  • Volume 4 - Modern Woodmen of America By-Laws Revision. 1929
  • Volume 5 - Modern Woodmen of America Supply Catalog. 1911
  • Volumes 6-8 - Modern Woodmen of America Official Ritual. 1915