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Reproduction & Service Policies

University Archives and the Northwest Minnesota Historical Center does not charge for basic reference services, including simple queries about collections or assistance retrieving know materials (i.e., services that take less than one hour to complete). However, Archives may assess a fee for services that require additional research or reproduction of materials.

Patrons may scan or photograph materials using their own equipment with prior consent of Archives staff. Decisions will be made based on use and condition of materials.

Services and Fees

Services Available Cost
Services Available
Audio/Film Duplication
$10 per disc
Services Available
$0.10 per page
Services Available
Photograph Digital Reproduction
Persons affiliated with MSUM creating campus related materials will not be charged.
In other instances, we will charge $1 per image up to 10, then $5 per image.
All Others $15 per image
Services Available
Photograph Reproduction Use Fee
Broadcast or video
Commercial or Decorative Display
Publishing or Exhibit (Print or Electronic)
Persons affiliated with MSUM creating campus related materials will not be charged.
All other uses (e.g., use in a book) will be $10 per image.
All other patrons (not affiliated with MSUM) $15 per image
Services Available
$3 for USPS, TBD for international
Services Available
Research Fee
$5 per hour
Services Available
$10 per yearbook depending on availability

Note: A credit line acknowledging the University Archives and/or the Northwest Minnesota Historical Center must be given. All reproductions of images will credit the Archives/Center in each caption.

  • Ex. Courtesy of the University Archives, Minnesota State University Moorhead. (MSUM Archives)
  • Ex. Courtesy of the Northwest Minnesota Historical Center, Minnesota State University Moorhead. (NMHC)

In addition, one copy of the publication will be provided to the University Archives/Northwest Minnesota Historical Center at no cost.

General Rules

Eating and Drinking
At no time are patrons allowed to have food or beverages in the University Archives/Northwest Minnesota Historical Center.

MSUM faculty, staff, students and alumni as well as community patrons are welcome to use the collections within the University Archives and Northwest Minnesota Historical Center with the exception of those labeled as “restricted” by the donor. Since the material is historically important and hard to replace, all material must be used in the Archives/Center and does not circulate.

Use of the collections are subject to U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) and international copyright laws (please see the Copyright and Fair Use at Livingston Lord Library Guide for more information). Therefore, the University Archives/Northwest Minnesota Historical Center has the right to refuse to duplicate items due to restrictions imposed by donor agreements or copyright.

Handling Materials
Boxes or folders will be brought out to patrons by staff. Materials should be handled with care with patrons using one folder at a time and replacing the folder in the box being used to maintain order.

When a service request is received, a reply will be sent with a price quote. To complete the service, payment is required by making out a check or money order to MSUM Library. Please send to: University Archives/Northwest Minnesota Historical Center, MSUM Library, 1104 7th Avenue South, Moorhead, MN 56563