Fargo-Moorhead Heritage and Cultural Bridge Proposal (S4816)


Historical Sketch

In 1976, representatives of Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota, discussed a proposed museum for preserving and displaying the history and culture of the two cities and their surrounding counties. The proposed museum was to be built in the form of a structure that bridged the Red River, was to be jointly funded by the two cities, and was to be administered by a group representing both communities. Despite reaching an advanced planning stage, the proposal for this museum was not realized. Instead, the city of Moorhead raised funds to build the Heritage- Hjemkomst Interpretive Center on the Moorhead side of the Red River.

Collection Description

The collection consists of reports detailing the various planning phases of the proposed museum “Bridge.” Additional files containing the initial plans for the Heritage-Hjemkomst Center of Moorhead are also included in this collection. All materials are in excellent condition.


Box 1

  • Volume 1 - Red River Valley: Interpretive Planning Study. 1976
  • Volume 2 - Bridges: A Report on an Exploration of Possibilities in a Heritage and Cultural Bridge between Fargo and Moorhead. 1976
  • Volume 3 - Fargo-Moorhead Heritage and Cultural Bridge: Report and Recommendations. 1978
  • Volume 4 - Red River Valley Heritage Interpretive Center: Design Development Report. 1980
  • Volume 5 - Red River Collected Essays
  • Fargo-Moorhead Bridge
    • Minutes. 1976
    • Miscellaneous 

Box 2

  • Hjemkomst Interpretive Center
    • Advance Information Booklet
    • Building
      • Agreement. 1984
      • Committee Minutes. 1983
    • Campaign Bulletin (Newsletter). 1983-85
    • Committee Memberships
    • Correspondence. 1975-
    • Financial Reports. 1983-
    • Ground Breaking. 1984
    • Miscellaneous
    • Newspaper Articles
    • Pamphlets
    • Policy Committee. 1983-84
    • Report on the Feasibility of a Capital Support Campaign. 1983
    • Task Force
      • Minutes. 1979-80
      • Miscellaneous