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  • Immersive Education
    Learn and grow by observing, assisting and teaching in local classrooms

Elementary Inclusive Education

  • If you’re looking to excel as a leader in today’s diverse elementary classrooms, MSUM’s Elementary Inclusive Education major is for you. The major is designed to help you focus on the needs of all students in the classroom. We believe the best way to learn is to be immersed in real classrooms within the community. You’ll get unique, hands-on experiences observing, assisting and teaching in local schools during nearly two-thirds of your time spent here, giving you the opportunity to discover where your teaching passion lies.

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  • Benefits of a MSUM Elementary Inclusive Education Degree
    Two hundred hours of in-classroom practicum experience allow you to gather ample knowledge so you’ll be prepared to interact with children from their infancy up to third grade. You’ll spend time observing and teaching in local classrooms during nearly two-thirds of your semesters at MSUM.
    Inclusivity of all students—with a special focus on diverse learners—is highly emphasized in our program, so you’ll be able to interact with all students efficiently and effectively.
    Collaboration with parents and other professional agencies that serve families with young children is highlighted in the Early Childhood Education major.
    International learning and service opportunities, including student teaching abroad, are available to teacher candidates.
    The education learning community gives you the opportunity to live and learn with other first-year education majors.
    Literacy is an area of intense focus in MSUM’s Elementary Inclusive Education major. Knowledge of children’s literacy is a highly sought after skill by employers.
    Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

    MSU Moorhead is committed to providing you exceptional field experience beginning at the start of your education and continuing until graduation.

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  • Careers & Outcomes
    Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Elementary Inclusive Education graduates are exceptionally prepared to enter the workforce and enjoy 100 percent related job placement.
  • Matthew Peck, Elementary Education
    Jordan Marken, Student Teaching Abroad
    Our students produce the most compelling stories.
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