Red River Psychology Journal Issues

2018 Volume I

The Effect of Google on Memory Retrieval: Internet Searching as a Negative Prime, Shelby E. Pearson

2017 Volume I

Sexual Assault Prevention: The Effects of Priming Intervention on the Likelihood of Intervening, Alexis N. Adelman

Relaxation via Cross-Modal Adaptation: Autonomous Nervous System Response and Subjective Relaxation Efficacy of Mindfulness Mediation and Music Therapy, Cody Spears

Messy Versus Clean Primary Environments: Personality Judgments of Dorm Room Residents, Emma Johnson

Giving Beautiful People an Unwarranted Break: Physical Attractiveness and Perception of Crime Severity, Tyla Dahl-Monroe

2015 Volume I

The Impact of Schemas on the Placement of Eyes While Drawing, Eloise M. Warren

Personality Inferences of the Physically Androgynous: Gender Self-Concept and Stereotypes, Sara Rundlett

Canine Psychiatry: How a Dog Can Lower Perceived Stress After a Stress Inducer, Rachel Tengwall

The Use of Confederates and an Ambiguous Stimulus as Informational Influence to Elicit Conformed Responses from Primed Participants, Shawn Carlson

Students' Attitudes on Electronic Versus Traditional Print Textbooks: Is Cognitive Performance Affected?, Shelby Folkers

The Effect of Eyeglasses on Intelligence Perceptions, Aubrey Borgen

Affecting Attitudes Toward Individuals with Special Needs Using Positive Settings, Jacob J. Haile

The Role of Attachment in the Emotional Facial Scanning Patterns in Infant-Mother Dyads, Kelsey Ihringer

2014 Volume 1

College Students’ Attitudes on Suicide and Suicide Acceptability, Catherine E. Kippley

Do You Like a Gray Apple? The Interference of Color Consistency with Preference and Pleasure, Misae Ishikawa

Effects of Faking Good and Faking Bad on Students’ Perceptions of the Social Desirability of Perfectionism, Katherine A. Johanson

People with Differing Disabilities and their Perceived Deservingness of Financial Assistance, Justine Breedon

Text Messaging and the Relationship to Personality Characteristics and Literacy, Abby Nelson

Adult Attachment Behavior on Facial Detection of Emotion, Megan Nere

Color's Effect on Test Anxiety, Tiffany Zilka

Effects of Learning Styles on Paper versus Computer Based Reading Comprehension, Hannah Seehafer