Courses & Curriculum in Graphic & Interactive Design

The Graphic & Interactive Design major builds on a solid core of foundational art and design fused with a modern approach to the evolving field of visual communication. The program will give you a mastery of design and production in contemporary media. You’ll explore various fields of media arts, including sound, film, and motion, and gain a practical command of digital production, technology and interactive media.

The Graphic Design Emphasis focuses on traditional graphic design relating to symbols, typography, information and experience design (user experience) systems, visual concepts, and visual research. You’ll create projects related to design thinking, visual problem solving and brand development.

The Interactive Media Emphasis includes web, mobile, motion, virtual reality and immersive experiences. You’ll develop projects related to web code foundation, content strategy and story building, social media, mobile app UX, website development, 2D side-scrolling games, and virtual reality with 360-degree photo, video and immersive experiences.

The Digital Design and Production Emphasis provides an in-depth practice in digital layout, vector illustration, photo artwork, mobile-to-desktop design workflow, print processes and augmented reality. You’ll dig deeper into digital production with programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and other software.

Degree Options