Communication Arts & Literature Education Learning Opportunities

MSUM’s Communication Arts & Literature Education program offers a variety of learning opportunities outside of the classroom, from required off-site teaching practicums to experiential learning activities.

You can gain practical teaching experience as a writing tutor at the University Writing Support Center while earning a little extra cash. If you’re interested in graduate school, this tutoring experience is golden preparation when applying for teaching assistantships! Contact Dr. Tim Decker for more information.

You will have opportunities to build your experience in cross-cultural teaching by traveling abroad to develop cross-cultural practices and teaching strategies, collaborating with teachers from the world, and engaging ideas of global citizenship. Recent CAL majors have traveled to Taiwan.

Many local high school teachers seek tutors to assist their non-native English language learners. Our students can make valuable networking connections and gain practical teaching experience through these types of volunteer experiences.

Education Minnesota Student Program is for all education majors and offers learning opportunities and support for teachers in training. The organization’s three core values are professional development, community service and political action.