MA in Criminal Justice Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to speak with someone about the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program, please contact the program coordinator.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice to be considered for the program?

Several different undergraduate majors can prepare you for this program. Sociology, Psychology, Administration of Justice, Political Science, Social Work, Economics, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology are all appropriate majors. If you have questions about how your major can fit with this program, be sure to contact the MA in Criminal Justice Program Coordinator.

What if I haven’t completed my bachelor’s degree?

You can apply to the Master of Arts program when you are a senior in college. You can be admitted after you have earned a bachelor’s degree. MSUM students can take some graduate level courses while they are seniors.

Are GRE scores required?

No. Special tests are not required to be admitted to this program.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for admission?

Yes, an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required for admission. However, if you think your undergraduate GPA does not represent your potential for success in graduate school, you can appeal this requirement. If you have questions about this, be sure to contact Joel Powell.

Is Criminal Justice related work experience required for admission?

No. We ask about your work experience only to better prepare for your particular interests.

Is a personal statement/essay required for admission?

No, Just answer the questions on your application as completely as you can.

Is a test of English proficiency required?

For those whose native language is not English, you must submit an official TOEFL or IELTS score. You can find more information on the required scores on the Admission & Application page. All classes are taught in English. Criminal justice is a specialized discipline, so proficiency in English is necessary for success in the program.

Do you require a writing sample?

No, but you will be doing a lot of writing while earning your degree. Most students are not confident about their writing abilities. You will have a lot of help and guidance with your writing in this program.

What is the deadline for applications?

You can find the deadline for applications on the Admission & Application page.

Are applicants admitted only in fall or also in spring?

You can start this program in either the Fall or Spring semesters.

Do you have any scholarships and/or assistantships available?

You can find available graduate assistantships in the Career Development Center Job Search.

You can find available scholarships on the Scholarship website.