Dragon Welcome Week Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Should I attend Dragon Welcome Week?
A. At Dragon Welcome Week, you will receive a comprehensive explanation of everything you must do to make your undergraduate experience complete. You will have opportunities to talk with academic advisors, faculty advisors, and peer advisors. Where else will you be able to get your student ID, find out about Financial Aid, discover opportunities for student involvement, go on a campus tour, and much more all in one step?

Q. Who is this "Dragon Mentor" person I got a letter from?
A. A Dragon Mentor is an upperclassmen assigned to you to help make your transition to college easier. They will be available at the beginning of your day to answer any questions, calm your worries, and make sure you feel comfortable as you make MSUM your new home!

Q. Do I have to attend Dragon Welcome Week?
A. Dragon Welcome Week is not mandatory, but strongly suggested. Attending Welcome Week allows new students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus and the resources available before the school year begins. Orientation is free and filled with fun and crazy events!

Q. I haven't received any information about Dragon Welcome Week yet, what should I do?
A. Dragon Welcome Week packets will be sent out over the course of a few days during the summer. If you haven't gotten yours, it's probably on the way!

Q. Are parents and family members allowed at Dragon Welcome Week?
A. Dragon Welcome Week is designed for new students to learn about MSUM and the programs and services offered to support student academic success. It is a time to meet new friends and make connections in our Dragon community. There are no parent or family activities offered during Welcome Week, but families are more than welcome to come and help their student move into their residence hall. However, we offer a Family Orientation program during each Student Orientation, Advising & Registration date in June and July. We recommend parents or family members attend one of these sessions to become familiar with the services offered by the University, learn how they can best support their student, and meet other new Dragon Family members! Parents and family members will also have an opportunity to see campus during Family Weekend.

Q. How do you define "parents and family members" for the programs you offer?
A. We view family programming as an inclusive community for those who hold the title, but limited to, parents, step-parents, foster parents, legal guardians, and chosen family members. We encourage new students to invite who they define as family to participate in our programming. 

Q. What should I have done before Dragon Welcome Week?
A. For a less stressful transition, we recommend you have most, if not all, of your paperwork done before arriving to campus. This means applying for Financial Aid (see below) and/or squaring away your payment with Business Services for the upcoming semester. We also encourage you to reserve your books online. To do so, visit their website or purchase them in the bookstore prior to the week before classes. The bookstore is busy during this time, and it can save you money, time, trouble, and headache if you get them early. If you plan to park on campus, the Parking Office asks that you reserve your permit online at least 24 hours before pick up. To do so, visit their website.

Q. What events are going on during Dragon Welcome Week?
A. We have many events going on to keep students busy and engaged during Welcome Week. See the schedule for the entire weekend.