Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with Healthcare Courses & Curriculum

The Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership with Healthcare will be delivered via a cohort model through a combination of online courses, two face-to-face summer residencies and other electronic interactive instructional mentoring and communications. This program is designed to meet the needs of master’s-prepared professionals seeking a terminal degree in healthcare leadership. In the EdD in healthcare program, you explore interprofessional collaboration between education, nursing and healthcare practice, research, and leadership. Empower yourself to help the healthcare industry to reach new heights of excellence through visionary leadership and cutting-edge education. Customize your education to fit your own professional setting and healthcare discipline. Small online and zoom synchronous sessions encourage open dialogue amongst faculty and peers of diverse backgrounds and professions, increasing your comfort in discussing complex topics from a leadership standpoint.

Educational Leadership with Healthcare emphasis EdD Degree Requirements

EdD in Educational Leadership with Healthcare Degree

The curriculum consists of 72 total credit hours for the degree. The core required courses consist of 36 credits, 9 dissertation credits and two required summer one week residencies.

Enrollment and attendance in two summer residency week-long courses are required. Summer residency courses will be scheduled in advance and will be held on the MSUM campus. Residency is the ideal opportunity to enhance your learning through sustained collaboration with MSUM faculty and other doctoral learners. This course is strategically planned for special presentations, group activities and visits to local schools and colleges, professional exchange forums and extended time for research and proposal development. Summer residency courses are ED 785 and ED 795.

Core Requirements (36 credits)

  • ED 701 Introduction to Advanced Graduate Scholarship and Leadership (3)
  • ED 704 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (3)
  • ED 705 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (3)
  • ED 727 Educational Law and Policy: Historical, Political and Global Perspective (3)
  • ED 735 Social Justice, Culture, Diversity and Ethical Practice for Educational Leaders (3)
  • ED 740 Fiscal Management for Educational Growth and Change (3)
  • ED 767 Organization and Administration of Educational Leadership (3)
  • ED 772 Instructional Models for Learners and Leaders (3)
  • ED 782 Emerging Issues in Supervision and Administration (3)
  • ED 783 Strategic Assessment and Accountability in Education (3)
  • ED 785 Building a Compassionate Community of Scholars (3)
  • ED 795 Research Seminar – 2nd summer residency requirement (3)
  • ED 799 Dissertation (9)

Healthcare Emphasis Core Credits (15 credits)
*The courses below are required unless you are able to transfer in similar courses from your master's program. They are considered dual-enrollment in that they may be used for both your master's degree and doctoral degree at MSUM.

  • MHA 605/NURS 605 Healthcare Quality and Regulatory Management (3)
  • MHA 628/NURS 628 Healthcare Policy and Reimbursement (3)
  • MHA 638/NURS 638 Health Information Systems (3)
  • MHA 650/NURS 650 Operational Strategy and Systems Leadership (3)
  • MHA 615/NURS 615 Research and Evidence-Based Practice (3/4)

Healthcare Emphasis Elective Credits (12 credits)
*You may choose any 12 credits from the list of elective options below. However, 9 of the 12 elective credits must be from MHA or NURS. You may not use any courses from your master's program to meet th elective credit requirements (they are not dual-enrollment).

  • MHA 618 Healthcare Law and Ethical Decision Making (3)
  • MHA 625 Health Program Planning and Evaluation (3)
  • MHA 619 Applied Healthcare Financial Management (3)
  • MHA 651 Healthcare Operations Management (3)
  • NURS 600 Nursing Science, Ethical, and Transcultural Theories (3)
  • NURS 610 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (3)
  • NURS 629 Educational Foundations and Teaching Strategies (4)
  • NURS 635 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, & Physical Assessment for Nurse Educators I (3)
  • NURS 636 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, & Physical Assessment for Nurse Educators II (3)
  • NURS 639 Curriculum/Course Development and Evaluation (3)
  • NURS 642P Advanced Nurse Educator Practicum Capstone I (3)
  • NURS 643P Advanced Nurse Educator Practicum Capstone II (3)
  • NURS 649 Nursing Education Assessment, Testing, and Evaluation Strategies (3)
  • ED 630 Leadership, Planning, and Organizational Development (3)
  • ED 634 Personal Communications and Ethics (3)
  • ED 613 Social, Political, Cultural, and Community Dimensions of Education (4)
  • ED 717 Adult Learning (2)

*Note: The Healthcare Emphasis Core degree requirements listed here are not official. The official degree requirements will be available soon in our Graduate Bulletin. The Ed.D. core requirements are official.