Regional Assistive Technology Center

The MSUM Regional Assistive Technology Center (RATC) was established to provide communication devices and knowledge of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to individuals, families, and professionals in Minnesota and North Dakota. In addition, the center also provides services and information related to assistive technology. The RATC offers a free lending library of a wide variety of communication systems and assistive technology for individuals who reside in Minnesota.

Who can benefit from the RATC?

Any individual who needs access to AAC and/or assistive technology to increase their independence can benefit from the RATC. The RATC provides support to professionals who work with individuals who are current or potential users of AAC or assistive technology. The RATC also provides information and support for family members/caregivers of individuals who use AAC and assistive technology.

How does RATC work?

The RATC works as an equipment loan and resource center for individuals, families, and professionals. The RATC offers a wide range of services to the public, including consultation services and direct assessments to individuals who are potential or current users of AAC and other assistive technology. In-service education to AAC users, families, professionals, and other service providers working with assistive technologies is offered by the RATC. The RATC also offers Voice Banking and Message Banking services.

The MSUM RATC is partnered with the Minnesota System of Technology to Achieve Results (STAR) Program. STAR’s mission is to help all Minnesotans with disabilities gain access to and acquire the assistive technology they need to live, learn, work, and play. Through the STAR Program, the RATC is able to provide loans and demonstrations of communication devices and other assistive technology.

For more information about the Regional Assistive Technology Center, contact the Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic.