Voice Banking & Message Banking

Voice Banking and Message Banking may be used by individuals who are at risk of losing their natural speaking voice due to a medical diagnosis (e.g., ALS).

Voice Banking: a process of recording a large inventory of your speech that is then used to create a synthetic voice that approximates your natural voice.

Done successfully, this would allow one to spell and create unique messages and then speak them through a synthesizer that approximates one’s natural speech.

The BCH Message Banking Process: supports people to authentically and proactively digitally record and store words, phrases, sentences, and personally meaningful sounds and/or stories over time, using their own natural voice, inflection, and intonation. If and when needed, the Message Banking Protocol allows for these recorded messages to be incorporated into the most appropriate technology to enhance communication and presentation of self.

BCH Message Banking Process™, Voice Banking and Legacy Messages
John M. Costello
Boston Children’s Hospital
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