Engage at Events

The Center sponsors events to grow knowledge and understanding of geographic information systems, including GIS Day each November and student presentations highlighting applications of GIS in our lives at the university’s annual Andrew B. Conteh Student Academic Conference each April.

Faculty partners in the Center for Geospatial Studies regularly attend regional and international GIS conferences to connect with industry and academic professionals who use geospatial analysis and/or lead geospatial centers around the world. You can connect and network with our faculty at the Esri Education and User Conference, which is the premier thought-leadership event for those involved in GIS education and is the largest GIS event in the world, attracting more than 16,000 attendees. Or, join us at other regional conferences such as the Minnesota GIS/LIS conference or the Drone Focus Conference.

Individuals affiliated with the Center are eager to share their knowledge of GIS with the community and welcome the opportunity to visit your classroom, share information at your work place, or speak to your service group. Contact the Center for Geospatial Studies to get connected.