Collaborate on Projects

The Center for Geospatial Studies is excited to work with you in meeting your GIS needs. We have partnered on multiple occasions to enhance the lives of people and their communities. Below are some examples of recent projects that demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the MSUM campus and our region.

  • Center faculty members developed a mobile app to assist local homeless organizations in their survey and count of unsheltered individuals in Moorhead. The app is an efficient and modern system that replaces the traditional pen and paper collection method. Using iPads, mobile phones, or tablets, data are immediately entered into a web-based geospatial database, creating actionable data ready for analysis on many levels.
  • MSUM’s Dragon Leadership Program (DLP) participants use the Esri story map app to showcase their capstone community service projects each spring. After training with Center faculty, DLP participants are able to include alternative forms of media (photos, videos, maps, etc.) within GIS story maps to chronicle their leadership journey.
  • Midwest Aerial Technologies helped the Center collect nearly 22,000 acres of high-resolution aerial photography over MSUM’s Regional Science Center and incorporated it into its GIS database.
  • GIS continues to play a central role in the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) grant for the restoration and monitoring of 160 acres of prairie and riparian habitat at MSUM’s Regional Science Center. A customized GIS database provides the foundation for developing restoration and monitoring strategies, collecting and interpreting data, and managing assets at the Regional Science Center.
  • MSUM and Northland Community and Technical College partnered on a grant funded by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that utilizes NextGen technology and unmanned aerial systems to aid growers in creating yield efficiencies and promoting “green” agricultural practices.
  • Interactive Multimedia students in MSUM’s Graphic Communications program contributed to The Fargo Project, where artists, neighbors, engineers, landscape architects and ecologists, worked together to transform a neighborhood stormwater basin so serve multiple needs of the community.

We have so many more stories to share! Read more about these projects and other projects on Esri story maps.