Anthropology & Earth Science Courses & Curriculum

MSUM's Anthropology & Earth Science courses are taught by distinguished faculty who are highly active in conducting research and are frequently published in scholarly journals. The Anthropology major offers courses in all subfields of anthropology with emphasis in archaeology and cultural anthropology. The Geosciences major provides students with an opportunity to understand the Earth, including processes that have shaped its past and those that will shape its future, and the relationships among place, landscape, climate, culture, economy, and people. Students can choose one of three emphases: Geology, Geoarchaeology, or Geographical Science. Earth Science teaching program is particularly strong in providing in-depth coverage of the wide range of Earth Science subjects needed for Minnesota licensure, including Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy and Planetary Science, Oceanography, and Interaction of People with the Land.

Degree Options