Teacher Education Licensure

Enrollment in a MSUM teacher licensure program means candidates meet specific state requirements to apply for a Minnesota teaching license at graduation.

How do I apply for a MN Educator's Tier 3 license?

How do I apply for a Tier 4 Licensure?

Use these MN Board of Teaching or MN Department of Education websites for information on licensing and testing:

Note: Candidates who have taken one or more of the MTLE basic skills tests and passed may still apply these scores to meet the basic skills testing requirement. MN allows a mix of scores between MTLE and NES. Please let you advisor know if you have additional questions.

Candidate Responsibilities

Please use the following guidelines below to track your progress. You can also use the printable PDF version of the Candidate Responsibilities.

The following coursework needs to be complete for admission into SARTE with at minimum a 2.8 GPA for Elementary Inclusive Education or Early Childhood Education or 2.5 GPA for any secondary or K-12 content area (Social Studies, Communication/Arts Literature, Music, PE, etc.):

  • Complete ED 205 with a C or better
  • Complete ED 294 with a C or better
  • Complete SPED 225 with a C or better

Apply for official program admittance through the Selection and Retention into Teacher Education process

  • SARTE application must be completed with your advisor prior to 300-400 level education courses
  • SARTE information

Complete all course requirements for graduation and licensure

  • Meet with advisor each semester to review current program requirements and DARS accuracy.
  • Review DARS routinely to assure your curriculum plan addresses all requirements
  • Apply for student teaching. This application is required early in the semester before you plan to student teach. Please refer to information about student teaching on the Field Experience page.
  • Apply for graduation in semester prior to student teaching
  • Register to take MTLE Content and Pedagogy tests (Recommended semester prior to student teaching)
  • Consult with advisor to assure you are taking the correct tests required for all of your licensure area(s)
  • Register for MTLE Content & Pedagogy
  • Complete Curriculum Worksheet for licensure early in the semester you are graduating
  • Submit the following with your completed curriculum worksheet:
    • Printed student teaching placement information from DIARY
    • Printed DARS.
    • Submit these three items to your licensure coordinator for signature
  • Signed Curriculum Worksheet, DARS and DIARY are submitted to Diane Copple LO 214A.

Licensing Forms

MSUM Licensing Contact

Diane Copple, Administrative Assistant, Licensing
School of Teaching & Learning | 214A Lommen Hall
MN State University Moorhead
1104 7th Ave. S. | Moorhead, MN 56563

Appeal to Board of Teaching

All persons denied issuance or renewal of licenses granted by the Board of Teaching, and all Minnesota teacher-preparing institutions denied program or institutional approval, and all persons licensed by the Minnesota Board of Teaching whose appeals are denied by the local committee for continuing education/relicensures, are hereby entitled to a hearing pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, chapter 14, on such denial and to a final decision by the Board of Teaching.

A person or an institution entitled to a hearing under the provisions of this part shall file a written request for such hearing with the executive secretary of the Board of Teaching within 30 days from the date of the denial. Failure to file a written request for a hearing within 30 days constitutes a waiver of the individual's right to a hearing.