Title IX Reports & Training

At MSUM, we believe it is the duty of all students, faculty and staff to be actively engaged in keeping our campus safe. We’re committed to providing a safe space for students to live and learn, and for employees to work. In order to do so, various trainings are held annually and on an ongoing basis. You can find them listed below, in D2L Brightspace, or learn more by contacting your advisor or supervisor.

Required Sexual Violence Prevention Training (SVPT)

SVPT is a training course, developed by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The course focuses on promoting the intellectual awareness of all students, offering accessible resources and services from the university regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment. At the university, we believe that students need to be actively engaged in their education and engaged in contributing to keeping the campus safe.

All incoming students are required to complete the training course, located on D2L Brightspace. Students must complete the course by the tenth (10th) day from the start of the academic semester. The university automatically enrolls students in the online training course according to their enrollment as required by state and federal law. If a student has experienced sexual violence or relationship/domestic violence, they should contact the Title IX Coordinator for alternative training.

Those who fail to complete the training program will have a registration hold placed on their student account, preventing their registration for the subsequent semester. Students can resolve this hold by completing the online training.

Campus Crime Statistics Reports

Training Materials for Title IX Coordinators & Personnel

In order to improve overall transparency and integrity of MSUM’s Title IX policies and procedures, we have made available all materials used to train Title IX coordinators, investigators, decision-makers and any employee who facilitates a resolution process.

Clery Center’s Clery Act Fundamentals: Title IX Related Content