Travel Authorization & Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy

Custodian of Policy: VP Finance & Administration

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy:  

  • 5.19 Travel Management
  • 5.20 Special Expenses and Chancellor/Presidential Expense Allowances
  • 7.1 Finance and Administrative Authority of Board, Chancellor and Presidents

Relevant Procedures:

Effective Date: Fall 2013

Last Review: Spring 2013

Next Review: 2019


MSU Moorhead and system procedures provide standard guidelines and processes to be followed in order to fund authorized official business travel at state expense and to promptly reimburse employees for expenses incurred. The employee is responsible for complying with system and University travel policies and procedures, the employee's respective bargaining agreement or compensation plan, state laws, federal laws, and IRS guidelines and for accurately completing all required forms for reimbursement of authorized official business travel expenses. The employee's supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving all travel requests and expenses.


Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 136F.42, Subd., the Minnesota State System Board of Trustees may adopt policies for the colleges and universities to approve and administer travel arrangements for employees and students on campus. The Board of Trustees delegates authority to the chancellor for system-wide travel management and the chancellor delegates authority to each president for institutional travel management.