Dragon Welcome Week

  • Welcome to the Dragon Family! We are so anxious for you to arrive.

    You are getting ready to partake in a new chapter in your life. It may be the most challenging, exciting, entertaining, and most interesting years of your life. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, face challenges, try new things, get involved, and continue to develop into the person you want to become. The second part of this journey, after you have attended Student Orientation, Advising & Registration, is attending Dragon Welcome Week in August!

    Dragon Welcome Week is a program that helps new students become acquainted with our campus, meet new friends, and make smoother transitions into college life. It is organized for New Freshman, Transfers, and Non-Traditional Students. You will meet your Student Orientation Counselors (SOCs), peers, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff of MSUM. These days have been planned just for you!