Massage & Relaxation

Relax and unwind in our massage chair and relaxation room, or enjoy the two massage chairs in our front lounge. Our full-body massage chairs knead, heat and relieve sore, tight muscles. Recline in zero gravity and enjoy the ambiance of a serene place to close your eyes and get away from outside stressors.

Massage chair features

  • Neck and shoulder massage to reach top shoulder muscles, simulating a professional masseuse
  • Combination airbag massagers and rolling nodes in the footrest to rejuvenate feet and calves
  • Pressure point detection that scans your body to customize your massage
  • Lumbar heat to warm muscles in your lower back
  • Remote to customize 12 different massage options
  • Five levels of massage intensity, from soft to vigorous
  • One touch zero gravity recline to help ease pressure from head to toe
  • Arm rest for gentle squeezing and vibration

The massage chairs in our front lounge are used on a first come/first serve basis.

The private relaxation room is available in 20-minute increments and can only be made for the current week. Please follow the sign up directions:

Sign Up

  1. Call 218.477.4300
  2. Reserve your day and time for the week
  3. Check in with your Dragon ID when you arrive and indicate you have a massage appointment