Why I Chose MSUM

I am from West Fargo, North Dakota, so having MSUM close to home was part of the reason that I chose to study here. Most of my family is in the Fargo area, therefore it was an easier decision to be close to home, even though I initially wanted to go further out of state. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to study, but my mom really pushed me to look at colleges near home.

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I absolutely loved the perfect-sized, homey feel of campus and how everything was within walking distance. Another factor I really cared about was having smaller class sizes, and I can strongly say that now I am in classes relating to my major, my classes are usually under 20 or so students. I don't feel like a number at MSUM.

In larger classes, the professors will still try to try to get to know you, but the other half of that is you also have to make an effort due to the many students in the class. As long as the professors notice you trying and caring about their class, they will make sure to know you and appreciate you.

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Ultimately, when deciding on a college, it is important that you make sure to note what you’re looking to get out of it and what you’re going to value in a school more than others. My values were easily spotted in MSUM and I continue to feel those. No one can tell you which school to attend besides yourself, but I know for a fact that you are making a smart decision to have MSUM educate you with great instructors and resources to help you get to wherever you plan to go in life.

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