What college major should you choose?

How many times have you been asked what college major you’ve chosen? A few? A few dozen? What seems like a few hundred? 

It gets repetitive, but there’s an important reason people ask. Going to college is a big deal. It’s a substantial investment of your time and money, and it sets you on the course for your future career and accomplishing your goals. 

But how do you know what the right major is for you? If you’re lucky enough to have known from a young age what college major and future career you want to pursue, we congratulate you! If you’re uncertain, know you’re not alone. 

MSUM’s Majors to Match Your Personality tool can help you determine what career clusters and academic majors are the best fit for your strengths, interests and goals. Explore the six personality types to determine which one resonates with you the most. 

  • Artistic: You’re innovative, imaginative, unconventional, idealistic and nonconforming.
  • Conventional: You’re accurate, methodical, practical, meticulous and dutiful.
  • Enterprising: You're confident, talkative, extroverted, optimistic and compulsive.
  • Investigative: You’re inquisitive, complex, curious, logical and cautious.
  • Realistic: You’re independent, ambitious, persistent, practical and efficient.
  • Social: You’re friendly, supportive, outgoing, understanding and insightful.

Find yourself drawn to more than one personality type? Great! You may discover a major or career path you hadn’t considered before, or even find a unique program that caters to two or more of your interests. 

The next time someone asks, “What’s your major?” tell them you’re exploring all the possibilities. 

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