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Nursing Students Inducted into Prestigious Honors Society

Sigma Theta Tau International is the international honors society for nursing. On March 27, 2021, nine MSUM students joined its ranks while a faculty member received prestigious recognition.

Economics, business alumna shares why ‘it’s good to be scared’ during keynote address

As a growth advisor for HealthPartners, Sarah Borgerding advises the organization on short- and long-term business decisions. The career perfectly balances the two degrees she earned from MSUM in 2003—business administration and economics.

Providing Hope a Reality

These MSUM alumni and faculty, although from varied backgrounds with different degrees and career fields, all conduct research across the world. Their association with MSUM has shaped their careers. They are researchers, exercising influence and making a big difference – successful alumni and faculty who are transforming our mental and physical wellness, changing our lives for the better and providing hope a reality.

Medical Interpreter

Medical illustrators are uniquely connected by their meticulous attention to artistic detail and their curiosity with the human form.

Uniting Progress and Tradition

The White Earth Indian reservation's rural location and lack of economic forces make it difficult to attract, and keep, health professionals. But MSUM alumnae are helping to make this a better community.

The Health Revolution

Back in the day, vegetables were vegetables and meat was meat. But as time goes by and we learn more about what is being injected into our food, even the most regular of Joe Shmoes should be aware of what they’re putting into their bodies with every bite.

Making a Big Difference

A unique program aims to encourage more MSUM physics students to follow Conduah into the field of medical physics. The Bachelor of Science degree in physics with emphasis in medical physics is the brainchild of Dr. Steve Lindaas and Dr. Ananda Shastri, both professors in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It’s one of just a handful of programs nationwide that prepare undergraduates for careers in medical physics.

Health Advocates

They may not be seated directly at your bedside holding your hand or administering an IV, but health advocates are found every step of the way, assisting in the background work in various capacities, spreading awareness, and fighting for funding.

More Than Cracking Backs

MSUM alumni Dr. Brandan Anderson ’96 (biology), Dr. JaDean Anderson ’03 (biology), and Dr. Alisha (Pagel) Anderson ’06 (biology) practice together at Anderson Family Chiropractic in Fargo.