Alum, adjunct empowers the next generation of nurses

Amy Vogt knew she was destined to help people at a young age. Through her time at Essentia Health as the program manager for nursing student experience in clinical placement and as an adjunct professor at MSUM, she continues to do exactly that.

Amy grew up with three longstanding foster siblings, and because of their experiences, Amy felt a call to psychology. However, Amy began assisting her mom who was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, with at-home care while working toward her first nursing degree (LPN). She devoted considerable time to her mother’s medical care post-surgery. Amy’s mom is now 25 years post-transplant.

After obtaining her associate degree in psychology, Amy opted for a nursing career. She first became a licensed practical nurse (LPN), then received her associate degree to be a registered nurse (RN) at Minnesota State Community and Technical College, and then earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

With two sisters who had doctoral degrees as first-generation graduates, Amy was inspired to further her education by attending graduate school. She earned a dual Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) & Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) at MSUM.

Dual MSN and MHA

“I watched my sisters achieve everything they could in their education, and it inspired me to do the same,” Amy says.

Amy studied abroad in Italy during graduate studies and says understanding the global perspective of healthcare was an enlightening learning experience.

As an adjunct professor at MSUM, Amy makes meaningful connections with her students and is a frequently sought-after mentor. Compared to a traditional classroom, Amy delivers real-life, real-time stories and experiences that offer a unique perspective and impact.

“I learn a lot from the students and can then relay what I learn to my work,” Amy says.

MSUM’s Dual MSN and MHA offers the completion of both master’s degrees in as little as two years. Both programs are online and incorporate vigorous courses that help develop leadership skills within any healthcare environment. The dual degree program is a prolific way to increase knowledge and expand a professional network.

“The individuals who lead the program are fantastic,” Amy says. “They all have students' best interests in mind and want MSUM graduates to leave with an elevated level of capability.”

The MSUM and Essentia Health-Fargo partnership facilitated through MSUM’s Essentia Health Center for Nursing is integral in preparing the next generation of nurses. As a vital community partner, Essentia works with approximately 30 programs to place nursing practicums for students. Students learn and gain real-life experience in and out of the classroom, which allows them to adjust to the ever-changing world of science.

“Nursing is an amazing fit for anyone who has a passion for doing good and taking care of humankind,” Amy says.

Amy advises anyone considering a nursing career that there are myriad job opportunities. And if nursing isn't the right fit, abundant healthcare possibilities are available.

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