Nursing Students Inducted into Prestigious Honors Society

Sigma Theta Tau International was formed at Indiana University in 1922. At that time, it consisted of six founding members. Today it is the international honors society for nursing, and it is made up of over 135,000 members. There are now 540 chapters in over 100 countries! On March 27, 2021, nine MSUM students joined its ranks while a faculty member received prestigious recognition.

The local chapter, Xi Kappa at Large originated with the tri-college universities (MSUM, NDSU and Concordia College). Later the University of Jamestown joined and most recently they added in Mayville State University. The Xi Kappa at Large chapter charter was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau in 1993.

Membership into this organization is granted on an invitation-only basis. Undergraduate students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and have 16 credits within the major completed. Only the top 35% of students that meet those requirements get invited. Graduate students and community members that have been recommended by a member of Sigma Theta Tau can join as well.

Getting invited means “you’ve been recognized as not only a scholar in nursing but also a leader,” said Jill Holmstrom, co-counselor and associate professor of nursing at MSUM.

Being a member of this program shows academic distinctiveness and leadership capability. Those who join this organization are held to high standards and they make a commitment to advance the field of nursing once they graduate.

Nine MSUM students were just inducted into this honor society. The three graduate students that were inducted are Tammy Gallagher, Tatiana Kerestesh and Nicole Wolkenhauer Larson. The six undergraduate students inducted are Simon Bruce, Jennifer Duffy-Fiedler, Kristina Kjos, Tara Kral, Anne Peterson and Jackie Peterson.

This program provides members with many different learning and scholarship opportunities. Both Sigma Theta Tau and the Xi Kappa at Large chapter host several different educational opportunities throughout the year.

Kjos received the Martha Vorick-Berge Scholarship, which was named after a clinician who brought commitment and passion into the nursing field. Recipients of this scholarship are required to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, have a passion for nursing and show proof of involvement in community service.

“I was honored to know that the committee saw me as being a nurse that has a true passion for nursing and for being committed to my community by volunteering time to help others,” Kjos said.

Those invited into the society are encouraged to take advantage of its benefits as a mark of distinctiveness and a high-quality program that promotes student growth.

“​Sigma Theta Tau has been a wonderful experience for me, and I feel honored to have been inducted into this honor society,” Kjos said.

Carol Roth, associate professor and co-chair of the MSUM School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, was nominated for the outstanding member award by Holmstrom. This award recognizes members for what they do for the field of nursing as a whole and for the work they contribute to advancing their chapters.

“I nominated Carol Roth because she has been very active in Sigma Theta Tau ever since she started working at MSUM,” Holmstrom said. “Not only supporting what’s going on within the organization but helping the chapter itself not only survive but thrive especially in these difficult times.”

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