Kevin Morales-Hernandez works in Hollywood

Kevin Morales-Hernandez was chosen as a 2023 summer intern for the Television Academy Foundation in North Hollywood, California.

The Television Academy Foundation shapes the art of creating television by engaging and educating the next generation of television professionals. They have provided employment pathways for television and have launched the careers of well-known writers, producers, executives and Emmy winners. The Television Academy also partners with the Emmy’s.

Kevin Morales-Hernandez with Television Academy Award

The Television Academy offers summer, fall and spring internships through 27 different categories in which participants spend 8 weeks learning alongside professionals.


In his internship, Kevin helped manage and pack animation files to be shipped to Korea for cleanup and broadened his communication skills through sending emails, organizing animation files, and assisting with their inventory list. He also participated in animation reviews.

“We would have a meeting and watch a show that we were reviewing. I was able to watch and listen to the animators decide what they liked and what they wanted to change,” Kevin says.

He felt that his supervisors and mentors were looking for people who wanted to talk with them, learn, and help finish the show, and were willing to ask a lot questions, ensuring they got as much out of their experience as they could.

Kevin says, “Everyone in the office was so kind and very encouraging, especially with my career. They told me to keep in contact with them.”


One of the most important things Kevin learned during his time in California was that without communication and organization, it’s a very bumpy road to create a film.

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s (MSUM) film department well prepared Kevin for his internship. In film animation, collaboration is needed to be successful.

MSUM's film program offers hands-on learning with production as well as learning the history of the world of film. Students can choose between three minors to broaden their knowledge and focus on a more detailed field.

"When it comes to organization, you have to ask yourself, 'do I want to make a good film project?', and if the answer is yes, then you have to be organized or it won't come to life," Kevin says.

BA in Film Production

Kevin’s advice for students looking to apply for this internship is to have experience in teamwork. Cooperation is a crucial part of completing a film or animation project. Getting used to working with other people from different backgrounds and perspectives is also important so you understand everyone’s viewpoint.

“You aren’t going to be friends with everyone, but you will work with everyone to reach the final goal,” he says.

The Strike

Because of the SAG-AFTRA strike, which started on July 14, 2023, the number of people in office at the Television Academy was reduced. Unfortunately, since there are limited shows currently in production, layoffs have been consistent when there is no task at hand.

Television Academy

“The tasks I was involved in were a little different when it came to editing or keeping track of time code, says Kevin, “I believe my experience would have been different if not for the strike.”

He says that the film industry employs many regular people that aren’t recognized when thinking about the work that goes into film, set, script, and more. Although they may not be who is seen on screen, they still work hard and deserve a livable wage.


This internship confirmed, for Kevin, that working in the entertainment industry is where he wants to be. He was surrounded by individuals he could relate to and share the same passion.

“My peers and I all had similar experiences. None of us knew anyone in the film industry, but we all made it to California.”

A final reflection Kevin had on his experience at the Television Academy Foundation is, “It's not about the place, it’s about the people. There are so many creative, talented people out there.”

Kevin is currently working on his senior thesis with classmates. Pre-production will begin this fall and filming will take place in the spring. Along with this, he is vice president of both the Animation Club and Association of Latino Achievement and Success (ALAS). Kevin is also an RA and works with the Go! Team, helping broadcast sports and video content.

Film Production Degree

The field of film production is growing rapidly with countless opportunities for new graduates to write, direct, produce and edit content in theatre, film, television and other media.

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