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Big Experience Under the Big Sky

Under the Big Sky was the first immersive, on-site festival to result from the partnership between MSUM's EIT program and event production company, Show Imaging. 

Pursuing film composition with perfect pitch and plenty of instruments 

Sierra is an MSUM senior majoring in commercial music and entertainment industries and technology. She can play the euphonium, bassoon, tenor sax, violin, guitar, trumpet, French horn, clarinet, keyboard, string bass and more. On her way to becoming a film composer, Sierra is a multi-talented performer who continually embraces new challenges in the realm of music.

From Straw Hat Players to the Olympic Success

Matt Weil shares his success in the EIT field, starting from his beginning days on the campus stage. 

Event production partnership elevates EIT program, creates new opportunities for students

Show Imaging brings industry insights, advises on curricula and technology and offers internships for students.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Dayna Del Val

Meet Dayna Del Val, a proud Dragon with strong ties to MSUM and a passion for the arts in our community. The 1995 theatre graduate is the President & CEO of The Arts Partnership and has served on the MSUM Foundation board of directors since June 2020.


Alum Directs Emmy Award-Winning Educational Special

Filmmaker Jason Spencer won television’s highest honor for a special on race and racism that he directed for PBS KIDS.

HyFlex Classrooms Provide Flexibility, Engagement Opportunities

HyFlex is more than technology. It’s about rethinking how to teach so that all students are actively learning and engaged – whether they choose to attend in person or online.

MSUM Senior Receives First Affinity Plus Scholarship Through Music Foundation

Senior Rebecca Berth receives a $5,000 scholarship from Live Nation and the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation.