Elementary education student transfers to MSUM to form connections

When Danica Shoquist transferred from the University of North Dakota to Minnesota State University Moorhead, she easily adjusted to the smaller campus.

Danica grew to enjoy the F-M area when frequently visiting friends from MSUM. Eventually, she found herself looking at transfer options to enroll in MSUM’s elementary inclusive education program.

Over one-third of MSUM’s undergraduate students are transfer students. MSUM offers a helpful and welcoming environment to all students and has a team of transfer specialists ready to assist. Students can tour campus and meet with transfer admissions representatives in person or online.

After connecting with a transfer admissions representative, Danica toured campus and excitedly called home, telling her parents she was transferring.

"When I walked through the center of campus, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of people. I felt so comfortable, and it just fit,” Danica says.

Although Danica was used to the hustle and bustle of a larger school, she was unable to form critical relationships with professors and peers due to class and campus size.

MSUM averages 17 students per class, allowing connections to form between professors and students. Plus, the elementary inclusive education program prioritizes hands-on experience and opportunities through comprehensive courses and real-life involvement.

“Starting new classes, my teachers already know my name and comment on my work,” Danica says, “I’ve never had that before.”

Danica is involved in club volleyball on campus and has experience coaching volleyball, which led her to pursue a coaching minor. She also works part-time at Starbucks.

While working a shift at Starbucks, Danica greeted a customer with MSUM attire. She talked with the customer about her transfer journey and exploration of campus as a new student.

“I asked him what he did for work, and he said, ‘I’m President Downs, it’s really nice to meet you’.” Danica shares, “He was incredibly personable.”

Danica is eager to stay involved in club volleyball and would like to expand her involvement to include elementary education-based clubs and organizations.

“MSUM seems to focus on building you as a whole person, not just academically. I think it makes it a very connected and inclusive place,” she says.

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