New math scholarship rewards well-rounded students

Dragon Pride runs deep for Tim and Kathy Peil. Beyond their legacy in the classroom, the Peils impact students by creating a scholarship and making a planned gift through their estate. Tim taught in the math department at MSUM for 24 years, seeing countless students gain valuable knowledge and begin their careers. Kathy was on the other side of the classroom, taking classes to further her education and completing a bachelor's degree in Spanish and, later, an MLA in Hispanic Studies.

"My experience at MSUM helped me with my job and boosted me up as an employee," Kathy said. "That was a big plus."

When the Peils retired, they looked at ways to give back and decided to invest in the schools that meant so much to them. So, Tim and Kathy started the Timothy & Kathryn Peil Math Endowed Scholarship at MSUM. Tim thought it was important to reward those active in the department, not those with the best grades. The scholarship includes criteria for participation in several categories to be eligible to receive it.

"In the real world, the students need to be well-rounded people," Tim said. "Education is more than getting the highest GPA in the classroom."

In addition to providing current gifts to their scholarship, the Peils are designating a portion of their estate to MSUM after they pass away. Without their own children, they found this as another way of looking out for the next generation.

"State funding has dropped off, and many kids can't afford to go to college, so it's our way to give back," Tim said. "It's just a good thing to do."

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