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Jeff Baenen: A Storied Career

During his 42-year career with The Associated Press, Jeff Baenen covered everything from famous musicians to scandals and politics. He credits much of his success to the education he received at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and is now helping the next generation of journalists by starting a scholarship of his own.

Finding Opportunities in Nursing

Joan Justesen enjoyed a 43-year career in healthcare thanks to degrees (BSN ’83, MBA ’90) she earned at MSUM. Now she supports the next generation of nurses.

Alumni Center Groundbreaking

Dragon alumni will soon have a place of their own. A groundbreaking ceremony for the long-awaited MSUM Alumni Center will be in April 2022. In addition to serving as the anchor for alumni returning to campus, the center will provide space for students and community members to interact.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Tanya Dickinson

​Tanya Dickinson '00, business administration graduate, is an adventurous and generous Dragon who gives back to MSUM to ensure that future students have many opportunities.

The House That Alumni Built

Former and current foundation board members are key supporters for the proposed Alumni Center, a place that will serve as an anchor for alumni returning to campus.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Rick Thoreson

Rick Thoreson '81 (Business Administration, economics minor) has helped recognize outstanding alumni on the MSUM Foundation Board since 2016.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Dayna Del Val

Meet Dayna Del Val, a proud Dragon with strong ties to MSUM and a passion for the arts in our community. The 1995 theatre graduate is the President & CEO of The Arts Partnership and has served on the MSUM Foundation board of directors since June 2020.


Where the Magic Happens

Directly across from the campus gates, at the site of the former Newman Center, the sign marks a spot for the future Alumni Center, which will be a hub for thousands of Dragons who call MSUM their alma mater.

Hollis Nelson Looks Back

In 1962, while attending a junior college in his hometown of Fergus Falls, Minn., Joseph Kise (of infamous MSUM fame) was a visiting professor in one of Hollis Nelson’s classes. Kise spoke of the opportunities at MSUM, including programs and scholarships, and after some conversation, Hollis decided to transfer to Moorhead.

There’s No ‘Price Tag on Excellence’

Alumni Pete and Tanya Dickinson are strong advocates of the Dragon wrestling program.

A Life Worth Giving

Thomas Peter Von Bahr recognized that his three years at Moorhead State College (MSC) transformed his life. But it wasn’t until he learned his life was ending that he came to fully appreciate the impact of his Moorhead State education.

A Gift of Education

Helen Wussow is a lifelong educator who believes in the power of higher education. She’s also a recipient of a 2021 MSUM Distinguished Alumni Award.