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Foundation Feature: Peter Geib

Peter Geib’s family history at MSUM spans generations, and his impact on the university is also a great accomplishment. He has significantly impacted thousands of students as a management professor at MSUM. He hopes to support continuous learning and further his contributions to MSUM as a member of the Foundation Board.


Foundation Feature: Tara Baltes

Tara Baltes had a great experience as a student as MSUM, and is excited to give back as a member of the Foundation Board. She’s taken many of the things she’s learned as a Dragon, including the core values of grit, humility, and heart, and used them in her career as talent acquisition specialist at Bell Bank.


Foundation Feature: Ellen Case

Ellen Case worked multiple jobs while taking classes full-time at MSUM. Remembering that struggle, she is passionate about giving back so that students can focus on their educational experience.

Creating community with a good fit in finance

When Kevin Hanson walked into Gate City Bank one morning in 1983, he didn’t know if they were hiring. He had graduated with a bachelor’s in finance from MSUM two days prior and opened a phone book just hours before to look for job openings. 

New math scholarship rewards well-rounded students

Dragon Pride runs deep for Tim and Kathy Peil. Beyond their legacy in the classroom, the Peils impact students by creating a scholarship and making a planned gift through their estate.

MSUM grad’s scholarship supports social work students

Ashley and Christopher Johnson, Ph.D., MSW, established the Gayel Marie Saude Scholarship Fund in 2022. The scholarship provides up to $2,500 annually to support social work students.

Jeff Baenen: A Storied Career

During his 42-year career with The Associated Press, Jeff Baenen covered everything from famous musicians to scandals and politics. He credits much of his success to the education he received at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and is now helping the next generation of journalists by starting a scholarship of his own.

Finding Opportunities in Nursing

Joan Justesen enjoyed a 43-year career in healthcare thanks to degrees (BSN ’83, MBA ’90) she earned at MSUM. Now she supports the next generation of nurses.

Alumni Center Groundbreaking

Dragon alumni will soon have a place of their own. A groundbreaking ceremony for the long-awaited MSUM Alumni Center will be in April 2022. In addition to serving as the anchor for alumni returning to campus, the center will provide space for students and community members to interact.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Tanya Dickinson

​Tanya Dickinson '00, business administration graduate, is an adventurous and generous Dragon who gives back to MSUM to ensure that future students have many opportunities.

The House That Alumni Built

Former and current foundation board members are key supporters for the proposed Alumni Center, a place that will serve as an anchor for alumni returning to campus.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Rick Thoreson

Rick Thoreson '81 (Business Administration, economics minor) has helped recognize outstanding alumni on the MSUM Foundation Board since 2016.