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Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Brett Skjold

Meet Brett Skjold, MSUM’s new general maintenance worker for the East Snarr dorms. He maintains the cleanliness of the building and makes sure everything is running smoothly.  

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Erienne Fawcett

Meet Erienne Fawcett, MSUM’s new coordinator of gender and sexuality for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She is located in the Women’s Center and aims to serve and advocate for all students.   

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Kelsie Dickman

Meet Kelsie Dickman, MSUM's new OAS Intermediate in the Registrar's office. Kelsie helps students find classes that fit their needs, whether such courses are at MSUM, M State, NDSU or Concordia. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Alex Kuraev

Meet Alex Kuraev, MSUM’s new assistant director of international recruitment & enrollment for the Center of Global Engagement. Alex works with international students to help them enroll at MSUM.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Adison Jaeger

Meet Adison Jaeger, MSUM’s new course materials manager, in the MSUM Bookstore. He manages everything regarding textbooks and works with faculty to order requested course materials for their classes.  

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Jacob Nelson

Meet Jacob Nelson, MSUM’s new customer service specialist intermediate in the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. He manages student employees and answers student questions.  

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Kaelene Arvidson

Meet Kaelene Arvidson, MSUM’s new grant administrator. Believing grants are the wings that give flight to the best of our dreams, Kaelene strives to strengthen MSUM’s capacity to receive project funding.

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Thomas French

As MSUM's new safety administrator in the Environmental Health department, Thomas French improves lab safety across campus.

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Nicole Kirkland

MSUM welcomes Nicole (Nikky) Kirkland as an administrative office specialist to the department of Speech Language Hearing Sciences. In her new position and in her daily life, Nikky strives to help individuals reach their goals.

Campus Duo: Heather Soleim & Sarah Jegela

It's nearly guaranteed a meeting with Heather Soleim and Sarah Jegela will garner a chuckle or two, but you may not know the registrar and associate registrar have a rich history.

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Ty Filley

Meet MSUM’s newest digital marketing specialist, Ty Filley. Ty supports digital marketing efforts for undergraduate and international enrollment, community outreach, the College of Business, Analytics & Communication, the College of Science, Health & the Environment, and other university-wide campaigns.

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Emily Lauinger

Meet Emily Lauinger, one of MSUM’s newest digital marketing specialists. Emily supports digital marketing efforts for undergraduate and graduate enrollment, the MSUM Foundation, the College of Arts & Humanities and the College of Education & Human Services, in addition to university-wide projects.