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  • StarID - Get It. Know It. Use It.

    Get the facts you need to know.

    When will the final transition to StarID happen?

    Monday, May 18, 2015 the final transition to StarID will be complete. The log in format for the services listed below will be utilizing StarID.

    You can make your configuration changes to Mobile email, Mac Mail and WiFi now to avoid getting locked out of your account on May 18, 2015!

    If you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at or 477.2603.

    What is StarID and how is it beneficial to the MSUM campus?

    StarID replaces your DragonNet username and password. The goal is to replace many login IDs with one ID, one password, everywhere. Once you activate it, you can use your StarID and password anywhere that accepts StarID. It is unique across the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, so you can use it at more than one school. Change your password in one place — — and it will change everywhere.

    Who has a StarID or how do I get one?

    All students, faculty, and staff of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System have been issued a StarID. People who have not activated their StarID can do so at

    What is StarID used for?

    Each Minnesota State system college and university can choose to use StarID for different IT systems. The most common of these at MSUM include:

    • student and employee email (including mobile)
    • classroom and lab computers
    • campus WiFi
    • Desire2Learn (D2L)
    • e-Services
    • MAP-Works
    • employee Time and Leave Reporting
    • PALS
    • Office 365
    • OneDrive

    How does this impact how I log into MSUM-provided computers?

    For computers and other MSUM-provided devices that require user authentication, use your StarID.

    Will the campus WiFi be affected?

    Yes. The MSUM campus is undergoing a WiFi connectivity change. Simply scan for available networks from your wireless device and select the appropriate DragonConnect broadcast based upon your affiliation with the MSUM campus.

    Remember to use your StarID and password!

    Will my MSUM email change too?

    • Your login credentials used to access your email will change to StarID, but your email account address will not.
    • After the conversion to StarID, it will be necessary to update your devices (including personal and/or mobile) with StarID credentials for MSUM accounts (email, calendar, contacts, etc). To do this, remove your MSUM account from the device (This process can be referenced by your device user manual, or if you need assistance please stop in to see a MSUM Helpdesk representative in person). Once the account has been removed you can navigate to our ‘Mobile Email Setup’ page, which will be updated with new instructions after the October 12th conversion.

    As an employee, will my login change for Uniface?

    Uniface will not change to StarID.

    Why does StarID look the way it does?

    The StarID format consists of two letters followed by four numbers, followed by two letters, such as ab1234cd. The StarID format was selected based on analysis of user names across the entire Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. Your StarID can be used across all institutions, so using any part of your name, college, university, or Tech ID/DragonID is not possible because these identifiers may be duplicated across institutions and because of increased privacy requirements and laws like FERPA. Even email addresses are assigned and re-assigned at many institutions. The StarID is never duplicated and never re-assigned. This means that once issued, you can use the same StarID every time you visit a participating institution over the lifetime of your relationship with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

    The StarID is lengthy and hard to memorize. Is there a way to change it into something easier to remember?

    Your StarID cannot be changed; it is assigned by the system. Many may consider this ID hard to remember at first, but because it will be used so often it becomes less difficult and can be compared to memorizing a phone number or home street address.

    Is this replacing just DragonNet logins, or will it also affect Tech ID/DragonID numbers as well?

    StarID does not replace Tech ID/DragonID and will only replace the DragonNet login credentials. The Tech ID/DragonID is typically an eight-digit number that is unique to each individual campus and will continue to be the ISRS system account number used by campus staff to maintain and track information about employees and students. You can also use your Tech ID/DragonID to activate your StarID or reset a forgotten StarID password.

    How does this affect transfer students or employees from Minnesota State system institutions? Can they keep their StarID from their old school?

    Yes! When students and employees transfer to other Minnesota State systemschools, StarID transfers with them. MSUM is part of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, which is a system of 31 public colleges and universities with 54 campuses in 47 communities throughout Minnesota. Most campuses have already converted! Change your password in one place — — and it will change everywhere.

    Will I need to make any changes to my computer if I use MacMail?

    Yes, the username and password will need to change. From the pull down menu Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Pick your Exchange account in the list and change User Name to your StarID and enter the password. Close the window to save changes and Mail will immediately go back online again.

    Where can I get more StarID help and frequently asked questions?

    Visit the Minnesota State system page at