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  • StarID

    The StarID is a username that is used across the Minnesota State system to access information technology systems and services. As systems are configured to use StarID, the number of usernames and passwords students and employees will need to remember and use will be reduced. Ideally, a single username can be used to log into any system and that will be StarID.

    Tutorial for StarID [ PDF ]

    If you are unable to activate your StarID or run in to problems then please contact IT Help Desk staff for assistance email or call 218.477.2603.

  • The StarID is a username with the goal of replacing many login IDs with one ID, one password, everywhere. Once you activate it, you can use your StarID and password anywhere that accepts StarID. It is unique across the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, so you can use it at more than one school. Change your password in one place — — and it will change everywhere.

    All students, faculty, and staff of the Minnesota State system have StarIDs and can activate theirs now. Colleges and universities are introducing students to StarID as they convert systems to use it.

    Each college and university can choose to use StarID for different IT systems. The most common of these include:

    A number of systemwide IT services accept StarID login wherever the service is used. Here are a few of these services:

    • ISRS / eServices - All ISRS administrative web applications are configured to use StarID for login. Student-facing applications (eServices) accept StarID but do not yet require it. A project is underway to require StarID for all ISRS web applications in 2014.
    • Program Navigator - used to create and redesign academic programs and enter them into Program Inventory and ISRS.
    • CEMRS - Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling.
    • MnSCU Connect - a systemwide SharePoint for cross-institution collaboration.
    • MoveItSecurely - facilitates the secure sharing of information.
    • STARS - Systemwide Training and Registration Site.