Tri-College Registration

Concordia College, Minnesota State University Moorhead, North Dakota State University, North Dakota State College of Science, and Minnesota State Community and Technical College students may register for courses at other Tri-College institutions under the Tri-College agreement according to the following procedures:

  1. Students must observe all registration and academic policies of their home campus, including arrangement for withdrawals, drop/adds, pass/fail options, audits and incomplete grades. Courses may be applied to resident credit requirements only at the institution where they register and pay tuition with one exception: NDSU students earning a University Studies degree must complete residency requirements through NDSU courses only.
  2. Grades earned through Tri-College are calculated into home campus grade-point averages and posted on home campus academic records.
    • Courses taken at MSUM by Concordia, Mstate or NDSU students will count in the MSUM GPA if those students subsequently transfer to MSUM.
  3. Students with documented disabilities who wish to register for Tri-College courses and who have transportation or other needs should contact the Disabilities Service Office on their home campus.
  4. Although semester beginning and ending dates are similar between the Tri-College institutions, please note that the breaks during the semester do not necessarily match.
  5. Students taking a Tri-College course to repeat a home campus course previously taken must indicate this on the form. Duplication of credits is not permitted.
  6. Students enrolling in Tri-college courses that require differential tuition and/or special fees (lab fees, lessons, supplies, etc.) will be responsible for paying those fees at the provider campus.
  7. CC students seeking enrollment at MSUM and NDSU must be enrolled at full-time status at their home campus.
  8. All students must be registered at their home campus before being eligible to enroll in Tri-College courses. This enrollment limitation is not applicable during the Summer term.
  9. The course exchange is limited to two courses per student per semester per participating campus, and only if the course(s) are not catalogued or offered on the student’s home campus in a given semester. Exceptions to the two course/semester limit among campuses are as follows:
    • Students who have declared a Tri-College minor (one not offered by their home campus). The minor must be declared and on file with the home institution, and will be confirmed by the home campus at the point of registration. The host campus will confirm that the course(s) being requested are required for the minor;
    • Students who request enrollment in either the Aerospace Studies/Air Force ROTC (AS) or Military Science/Army ROTC (MS) courses at NDSU;
    • Students who request enrollment in a course/lab pairing (lecture and corresponding lab)
    • Concordia allows exchange by their full-time students to enroll in two courses per semester between the partner institutions and then only if the course(s) are not offered at Concordia that semester. Concordia does not participate in the course exchange during the summer semester.
  10. NDSU courses with a "Not Covered by Tuition Cap" location code, primarily online courses, are not eligible for Tri-College enrollment.

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