International Undergraduate Student Cost of Attendance

MSUM is one of the lowest priced residential universities in Minnesota. We are committed to delivering an affordable, high-quality education beginning with banded tuition: take up to 18 credits per semester for the price of 12.

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International Student Cost
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Tuition 12-18 credits
On-Campus Housing & Meals*
Student Fees
International Student Fee
Books & Supplies**
Personal Expenses**
  • While living on campus is highly encouraged for all students, it is required for all new entering freshman students. Note, if you are a new freshman student who is 21 years or older or if you have already transferred 24 U.S. college credits you are not required to live on campus. Everyone else is required to live on campus.
  • *The housing and meal costs are based on living on campus in a double room and unlimited dining; other housing and meal options are available.
  • **The costs for books and personal expenses vary by each student, our Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid estimates $500-1000 for books (annually) and $2,500 in personal expenses.
  • Early move-in to dorms (for orientation, sporting events, etc.) will cost $15/day until the start date of housing contract. This does not include meals. Student is responsible for meals until meal plan start date. Average estimate for extra days for orientation, sporting events, etc. is $125 - $150.
  • Students arriving in the U.S. for the first time: you cannot arrive earlier than 30 days prior to the "start date" listed on your immigration document.
  • These figures reflect ESTIMATED undergraduate rates and actual cost may vary.
  • You can view the breakdown of fees per credit.
  • You will need to have an additional $5,000 for spouse (or 1st dependent) and an additional $3,000 for any other dependents you plan on bringing with you.
  • Summer classes/expenses are not included in these estimates.