Student Fees

Following are descriptions of the student fees that MSUM collects. The choices any student makes to use or access any service, participate or view any activity, or make use of any activity funded facility or equipment, will not be a reason to grant an appeal or waiver of any fee.

Academic year 2024-2025

Student Fee Per Credit Max Credits*
Athletics Fee $6.13 12
Health Services Fee $7.00 12
Student Life/Activity Fee $8.48 12
Student Union Facility Fee $15.34 12
Sustainability Fee $1.60 12
Technology Fee $12.00 -
Wellness Center Facility Fee $11.65 12
Total Per Credit $62.20  
Students United
(Student United banded rate is $12.00)
$0.80 -
*Student fees that are assessed per credit will not exceed the noted number of maximum credits each semester. Winter Term is considered its own semester pertaining to fees.


Miscellaneous Fees Cost Frequency
Commencement Participation Fee $35 one time, non-refundable
International Student Fee $215 per term for fall and spring terms only
Orientation Fee $175 for first term only, non-waivable
Residential Learning Community Fee $150 per term
Student Union Facility Fee Explained
Technology Fee Explained

Explanation of Student Fees

Athletics Fee ($6.13 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

Financial support for MSUM varsity athletics including:

  • Men’s & Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s & Women’s Cross Country
  • Men’s & Women’s Track & Field
  • Men’s Football
  • Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Swimming & Diving
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Funding for Dance Programs
  • Funding for Athletic Department Strength and Conditioning
  • Funding for teams who qualify for the post season

Commencement Participation Fee ($35; one time, non-refundable)

This $35 non-refundable fee is collected when a student commits to participating in the commencement ceremony for graduation. The fee is used to pay for expenses related to the commencement ceremony such as programs, staging, emergency services, interpreter services, diploma covers, etc.

Health Services Fee ($7.00 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

The Health Services Fee supports Counseling Services and the following services:

  • Full time counselors and case manager/navigator during the academic calendar and once a week during summer months
  • Referrals to outside medical services
  • Referrals to outside mental health specialty providers
  • Assistance and support on insurance requests
  • Alcohol education classes for students with sanctions
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Mental health therapy
  • Education and presentations on mental health services
  • Workshops on self-care, depression, anxiety, motivation, resiliency, positive psychology
  • Training on suicide awareness
  • Calming room
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Certified therapist
  • Peer student educators

International Student Fee ($215 per term for fall and spring terms only)

This fee is only paid by international students and supports:

  • International student orientation (immigration rules and regulations, culture shock, American culture)
  • Diplomat program
  • Programmed events (e.g. Itasca State Park, Mall of America, Valley Fair, rodeo, Thunder Road, Mount Rushmore, skiing, movies, bowling)
  • Friendship Family activities
  • NAFSA membership
  • Institute of International Educators
  • International Student Office operations
  • Staff and student staff salaries
  • Graduation sashes, sash ceremony and dinner

Orientation Fee ($175 for 1st term only)

The Orientation Fee is a onetime, non-waivable fee that is charged to students enrolling at MSUM for the first time. This fee supports transitional programming and services for new students and families designed to provide the foundational tools for academic and social success at MSUM. Programs and services include:

  • Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR)
  • Dragon Welcome Week
  • Family Weekend and resources
  • Transfer Student Network
  • First year resources

Learning Community Fee ($150 per student per term)

This fee is only paid by first-year, transfer, or continuing students who have agreed to participate in a learning community. Learning communities are offered to students who seek additional support to jump-start their academic success and to assist with transition to college life. Participating students will take between two to three courses together each semester as well as live together on the same residence hall floor. Participating in a learning community provides students with an opportunity to develop relationships with other students interested in the same academic program, to further explore their common interests, and to engage with faculty. An upper-class student known as the Learning Community Mentor lives on the floor with the learning community and connects students to resources and plans events that foster community among the participating students. The fee covers:

  • Learning Community Mentors (peer support)
  • Admission to various venues when field trips or site visits are offered
  • Costs of supplies and food for learning community programs
  • All materials and supplies necessary to support learning communities (printing, marketing, postage, phone, etc.)

Student Life & Activity Fee ($8.48 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

The Student Life & Activity Fee, administered by the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC), supports recognized student organizations, programs and activities for all students, virtual events, and other extracurricular opportunities for students enrolled at MSUM. Annually, SAFAC recommends budgets for each student organization and programs supported by the fee to Student Senate.

Student Life & Activity Fee supports:

  • Travel for students to local, regional, national conferences
  • Student organizations- For a list of recognized student organizations visit Dragon Central.
  • Intramurals and Club Sports
  • Staff positions that directly support students
  • Free tickets to theatre, music, and arts events
  • Co-curricular programming and campus-wide student life events, such as Homecoming
  • Virtual events and live-streaming of on-campus events
  • Student Life Pathways in-person and online engagement opportunities

Student Union Facility Fee ($15.34 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

The fee, together with the Student Union self-generated revenues, provides the funding to support the overall student union operation. Expenses covered include daily operations; debt service; building utilities and repairs; professional and student staffing; equipment and furniture replacement; and facility enhancements.

Programs and services offered include:

  • Study and collaboration space for students and the campus community
  • Recreation space with free billiards, table tennis, board games, wi-fi, computers and televisions
  • Meeting and Conference facilities with the technology and staff to hold in-person, hybrid and virtual events
  • Dining Services locations managed by Sodexo
  • Affinity Plus Credit Union and ATM
  • Student Support Services and Student Engagement Office Spaces

Statewide Student Association Fee - Students United ($0.80 per credits 1-11, $12.00 banded rate for credits 12-18, an additional $0.80 per credit 19 and above).

  • Student-led 501(c)3 non-profit
  • Recognized by the Minnesota State System Office, Minnesota State Board of Trustees, and MN state legislature as the sole state university student voice in higher education policy and decision-making
  • Advocates for state university students at federal government level
  • Represents state university students to the MN Higher Education Services Office and any task forces or committees regarding higher education issues
  • Serves as resource and provides support to campus student governments
  • Maintains a website with information about Students United goals and positions, as well as legislative information
  • Maintains several scholarship programs for students
  • Works to increase student participation in the political process, including elections
  • Works on cultural diversity programs and issues
  • Holds periodic business meetings on campuses, as well as specific conferences (ex. media, cultural diversity)
  • Offers education and leadership opportunities to students
  • Serves as a resource to media outlets and higher education policymakers

Sustainability Fee ($1.60 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

The sustainability fee is used to fund a Sustainability Coordinator position to facilitate and oversee a variety of sustainability projects in collaboration with students, faculty, staff and administration. The fee also funds a sustainability intern position and MSUM's share of the MATBUS contract.

Technology Fee ($12.00 per credit)

The student technology fee funds a wide variety of technology services available to all students. Services such as software licensing, Office 365, network services, classroom technology, computer labs, electronic door security, video surveillance, and Help Desk Services.

Wellness Center Facility Fee ($11.65 per credit; maximum of 12 credits per semester)

The fee provides students access to the Wellness Center facility and supports the Wellness Center daily operations, debt service, building utilities and maintenance, programming, and services.

  • Use of the Wellness Center
  • Furnishings and equipment in the Wellness Center
  • Full, part-time, contracted, and student staff
  • Virtual and in-person wellness programming covering 7 dimensions of wellness