Student Employment & Work Study

Many students work part-time during college to help cover tuition costs and living expenses. MSUM departments employ over 1,000 students each year in either work-study or student institutional employment (non work-study) help positions. Campus jobs are a great opportunity to gain work experience, network and earn money for college.

All job opportunities (work study, non work-study, community service, off campus jobs and America Reads) are posted to Job Search on the Career Development Center's webpage.

Federal and State Work-Study

Work-Study eligibility is based on results of the FAFSA. Students who demonstrate financial need are allocated a specific amount of money to be earned each semester at an on-campus or approved off-campus community service site. The amount is included in the official financial aid offer.

The maximum work-study award is $4,000 ($2,000 per semester). Students must be enrolled for a minimum of six credits for work-study eligibility.

Non Work-Study or Institutional Employment

Non Work-Study or Institutional Employment is available through most University departments and campus offices. Students are not required to submit the FAFSA or demonstrate financial need for these positions.

Community Service Work Opportunities

Community service work opportunities allow students to work for a pre-approved non-profit or government agency in an area related to their major or a special interest.

America Reads

The America Reads program provides students the opportunity to work as a reading tutor for elementary children in the local school system.

Off Campus Employment

Many students who work off campus in our community utilize Job Search in their search for employment.