Tri-College Transfer Student Applying for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Process for Tri-College Transfer Students

The Tri-College University is a partnership between MSU Moorhead, Concordia College, MState, North Dakota State College of Science and North Dakota State University that allows students enrolled at one school to take classes at the other institutions at no extra charge and without additional admission processes.

  1. The first step in the Tri-College registration process is to determine from which school your degree will be awarded. This is your home school.
  2. All financial aid and course registration is processed through your home school. You may register for Tri-College classes at the Registrar’s Office of your home school. Authorization to drop or add a course or to take a course pass/fail follows the deadlines of your home campus, not the campus where the class is taken.
  3. Tri-College registration is limited to one Tri-College approved class per semester at each participating campus.
  4. If you transfer from your home school, you must follow the transfer guidelines at that school. Course registration does not transfer and must be completed at your new home school.